Why I Love the Oscars and Always Will



I have absolutely adored watching the Oscars my entire life; wouldn’t miss them for anything, but this year I gave a bit of thought as to what, exactly, I love so much.

OF COURSE I love seeing what everyone is wearing; who doesn’t? But I have to say that even though I park myself on the couch (usually mine – I enjoy going to watching parties but often get frustrated as I don’t want to miss anything) an hour plus before the actual start time, as I know that I’m going to see much more from a sartorial standpoint on the red carpet than I will on the stage, I find the fawning of the reporters more and more annoying as I get older. A necessary evil, I know, but I truly don’t know how some of those celebrities can bear it. Anyway, yes its of interest who designed each gown and bauble, and the celebrities are apparently well trained in stating “who they’re wearing” for the reporter and audience. But, truth be told, although the gowns and jewels are generally spectacularly beautiful and one could imagine feeling like a princess or queen wearing them, etc., they really tell me, the observer, very little about the wearer’s sense of style and how they feel most comfortable portraying themselves to the world. As who of even the rarified few celebrities truly feels in their element (except for, apparently, Charllze Theron), comfortable in their own skin, walking in garments that often weigh an incredible amount, cling like a second skin and leave little room to hide a less than perfect body part, in sky-high heels, past dozens of people watching like hawks, trying madly to get their attention……really, if you think about it, having any amount of poise in such a situation is extremely admirable. Notwithstanding the fact that many of them may be having an absolute blast. My point is – its not about the clothes. And its not about gasping at depressingly painful to look at bad plastic surgery; but that’s another blog post.

One can see amazing garments at the Golden Globes as well, and at all the other award shows that have sprouted up over the last few years. Not that I don’t immensely enjoy watching those, but none of them have the majesty and gravitas of the Oscars. Watching every year always evokes such a sense of history; specifically Los Angeles history, and allows us to appreciate what the movie industry and technology make possible such that we are able to literally share the creative vision of the writer/director/producer, and, of course, actor. They’re a glimpse into a world of fantasy and realized dreams as well as of unfathomable hard work and sacrifice (and the “In Memoriam par always makes me cry – especially this year); so many aspects of the human condition and drama portrayed in a four hour period. Yes, they can be silly and corny and almost always run too long, although last night wasn’t too bad; but overall I think Ellen did a fabulous job and poked just enough fun; and she looked AMAZING – I thought her black and white suits with just a touch of sparkle were perfect.

In any event, I completely enjoy feeling like even the tiniest part of that fantasy world for just an evening – a not so guilty pleasure I so look forward to indulging in every year.



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