People I Admire: Diane von Furstenberg



Went with a bunch of friends the other day to see the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit at LACMA featuring her ubiquitous wrap dress. LOVED the exhibit – I can’t say I have ever owned one of her wrap dresses; while I believe the concept is that they look good on everyone, I personally feel that I have too much figure in too little a space for them to really look ideal on me, and of course all of the dress forms are quite tall and slim….but I digress. Although I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the dresses and have included a number of photos of them below, what I found to be most striking about this exhibit was:

1) Walking down the corridor toward the huge room where the dresses were, we were in a historical floor to ceiling corridor of sorts – with advertisements and spectacular photos of gorgeous women wearing the dresses when they first came out; and, especially

2) The gallery we went into before going into the room with the dresses with various portraits of DVF, photographical and otherwise, a selection of which are below.



This almost floor to ceiling photograph greeted you when you entered the room. Of course seeing it in person is much more effective, but what immediately struck me, and what I just LOVE, is the authenticity of the photograph – DVF is quite beautiful and stylish of course but here she is, wrinkles, imperfect skin, natural wavy (gasp!) hair and all, which is how she usually looks in most photographs that I’ve seen of her in the recent past. I just so respect that she gives out the vibe of being completely and utterly comfortable in her own skin and who she is.


Adore this one as well; same comments essentially. In fact, no more comments on these; just enjoy!



And here’s a real young one, just for fun….


This was over the entry to the room where the dresses were; I’m not much of a dress person myself but nevertheless got kind of a kick out of it:



Here’s Holly Brubach’s “intro” to the dresses:


And here are a selection of the dresses, in their riotous prints and colors:





Thoroughly enjoyable, and a great reason to get you over to the museum which has so many incredible exhibits and exciting events going on. – N



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